Our group of allies is increasing! Artists raise their voices against the total destruction of Balkan rivers – they want to see them protected, not dammed. Together with popular musicians, we have already organized two concerts for free rivers in the past, but now musicians and artists from different disciplines want to engage even more.

Their video testimonies for free rivers and against dams are COMING SOON!



Concert for Balkan Rivers© Nick St. Oegger

In September 2018, popular musicians Rambo Amadeus (Montenegro), Eda Zari (Albania), Tamara Obrovac (Croatia), Damir Imamovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina) raised their voices at the open-air Concert for Balkan Rivers in Sarajevo, hailed by hundreds of people.


“Blessed be the free rivers" (“Lum Lumi i Lirë“!)

This song aims to give a voice to the threatened rivers Vjosa and Valbona in Albania and create a deep echo of awareness in the public. Eda Zari, Elina Duni, Linda Rukaj, Rhani Krija, Vlashent Sata, Emiljan Dhimo, Shpat Deda, Gert Kapo, Henning Jung, Kleidi Eski, Sokol Çunga, Mikaela Minga collaborated to produced this amazing song and video

Vjosa Concert© Moris Rama

Under the slogan “Mos ma prek Vjosën! (Hands off Vjosa!)”, prominent Albanian musicians sang for the protection of the Vjosa river and against the planned dam projects in front of 4000 people in Tirana in October 2017. Photos Videos