Tomas Damjanović for Balkan Rivers

Tomas Damjanović is a photographer from Banja Luka, whose photos speak a thousands words. He offers stunning photos of Vrbas, Una and co and has a clear message as #ArtistsForBalkanRivers: "We start our life in water and it is quite clear why we are attached to it, not only existentially, but also primordially. In contact with water, you revive your soul, you get closer to the nature in you and the nature around you. Rivers do not only carry water, they carry life. Moreover, they are the habitat of many lives, the significance of which we may not even be aware of. And life in itself is more than enough reason to say one big NO to building mini hydropower plants, since it is known how they devastate watercourse ecosystems and what consequences such practices can have. Common sense cannot agree to the petty interests of big business taking over something that is neither the property of the human race nor the property of individuals. Man belongs to nature, not nature to man, and any exploitation that leads to an imbalance will bounce off our heads at some point. If nothing else, the great truth lies in the quote that "We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our descendants." And we are not alone in this world. We should think about it." Check out the full album!

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