Iva Korbar for Balkan Rivers

Iva Korbar from Zagreb/Croatia is a performing artist, writer and researcher of the possibilities of perception of reality to which we belong. She likes to create in the marginal areas of being and expression, finding his own expression in text, movement, voice, sound and dance. She organized many locals and artists in Croatia in order to save river Ricina (Ljubav za Ričinu)
Her #ArtistsforBalkanRivers contribution “You gotta love what you do” is a kind of sound landscape, or soundscape narrative; a revived textual landscape of human nature. It was created with a clear insight that we, existentially and intimately belonging to the natures in which we live, are no different from water. The video and sounds for "You gotta love what you do" were done by the cinematographer and editor from Istanbul, Hilal Gergin (www.hilalgergin.com).
Read Iva Korbar’s statement for the protection of Balkan Rivers: "I cannot exist without rivers, forests, water, rocks, labyrinths of karst underground, mountains and the sea. I just don't know, and very resolutely I don't want to. With them, it is easier for me to love, breathe, understand and be. It is clear to me that their abduction is the same as a well-coordinated collective dungeon. I cannot agree to that, to the rule of unconsciousness and cruelty, to the robbery of the essence of life."
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