Grasshopper Geography for Balkan Rivers

Robert Szucs is a Hungarian geographer-turned-artist, famous for his colourful river basin maps that he creates under the moniker Grasshopper Geography. He has already worked together with dozens of NGOs all over the world, helping to address important environmental issues from river pollution to tropical deforestation. He kindly offered his maps of Europe and of the Balkans for our campaign in the hope that these powerful visuals will help us convey our message even more effectively.

"My river basin maps show not only actual creeks and rivers, but all temporary water flows as well, telling the story of every raindrop that reaches the land. Watersheds create a natural link between land, rivers and all living things, regardless of their political, economic or cultural relations. Everything we do not only affects our immediate surroundings, but the whole watershed we live in - and this is why we need to address the issues of the Balkan rivers together."

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