Miodrag Spasojević Štrika for Balkan Rivers

Miodrag Spasojevic Strika is a multi-award winning Sarajevo graphic designer. He designs in all areas of graphic design, and mostly works on visual identity design. He took these photos along the Zeljeznica Kazani in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Find the full album in this post and read his #ArtistsForBalkanRivers statement:
"I was born on the Neretva River, I learned to swim in Trebišnjica, I fell in love at River Trebižat, went to school next to Miljacka. Those rivers determined me. The rivers are a public good. Let's save them. If we destroy the rivers where our grandchildren and the grandchildren of our grandchildren will play, bathe, where they will drink water, where they will catch fish...? It is our duty to preserve our rivers for future generations."
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