Fight for Mavrovo National Park continues


Zirovnicka river, one of the biggest tributaries of Radika river in the park, is at stake. Local communities in Zirovnica strongly opposes the two planned hydropower projects but the investor is determined to push through with it, even threatening those who oppose. To support the affected community, please sign the petition Green Zones for Blue Rivers in Macedonia.

Balkan Rivers in the EU Parliament


On March 7th, the rivers in the Balkans received a lot of attention in the European Parliament at the event “Save the Balkan Rivers: Resisting Hydro Power Plants in the Balkans & Albania”, organised by the Parliamentary Group “European United Left/Nordic Green Left” (GUE/NGL). People from all over the Balkans, and especially from Albania, raised their concerns about the hydropower expansion and the need to put an end to it.

Upcoming Blue Heart event in the EU Parliament


On Thursday, March 7th, we will present the Eco-Masterplan for Balkan Rivers in the European Parliament at the event “Save the Balkan Rivers: Resisting Hydro Power Plants in the Balkans & Albania”, organized by the European Parliamentary Group of the European United Left. You can join us at 2:30 pm via the live stream, translated in 8 languages.

Milestone bank summit in Belgrade a step towards protecting Balkan rivers


++ Greater transparency still needed ++ The ‘Save the Blue Heart of Europe’ campaign gave a cautious welcome to a first-of-its-kind summit between the financial sector and green activists, where a roundtable about the role of banks in the destruction of Balkan rivers by hydropower dams was centre stage.

100 of scientists in support of free flowing Mura River


In a joint statement sent to the ministry, 100 scientists from Slovenia, Austria, Germany and other European countries expressed their support for the protection of the Mura River and welcome the decree of Minister of Environment Jure Leben to stop hydropower dams. Furthermore, they encourage the Slovenian government for a rapid confirmation of the decree.

Award for the Blue Heart: Cornelia Wieser receives 2nd Trophée de femmes 2019


Last weekend, the project "Save the Blue Heart of Europe" was honored with an award: on February 22, Riverwatch employee Cornelia Wieser received the second environmental prize "Trophée de femmes 2019" for her work in the protection of Balkan rivers. The prize was awarded by the Foundation Yves Rocher in La Gacilly, France.

Albania fails to comply with Energy Community Law


Today, the Energy Community Secretariat received a complaint against the Albanian Government. EcoAlbania, Riverwatch and EuroNatur – the three organisations behind the campaign for the protection of the Vjosa River in Albania – have raised concerns about the procedures for the Kalivaç and Poçem hydropower projects (HPP) not being in line with Energy Community rules.

Success for Mura: Slovenian Minister of the Environment cancels hydropower plans


On Wednesday, February 13th, the Slovenian Minister of the Environment presented a draft regulation to stop the eight planned hydropower projects along the Slovenian stretch of the Mur river. All concessions for the Mur projects will be withdrawn. This brings the Minister considerably closer to his promise to protect the free-flowing Mur for future generations.

5000 at protest in Serbia: We don’t give you our rivers!


Yesterday, around 5,000 people took to the streets in Belgrade to protest against the sell-off of the rivers in Serbia, particularly against the planned construction of hundreds of hydropower projects. More than 850 hydropower plants are officially planned in Serbia, about 200 of which within nature reserves such as national parks, nature parks, etc.

Victory for the "Brave women of Kruščica"


 ++ The women left the bridge after more than 500 days and nights ++ Good news close to Christmas: on December 14th, the people of Kruščica in Bosnia and Herzegovina won a crucial court case against two hydropower projects that were planned on their little river. The court stopped all dam plans.

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