Eco-Masterplan for Balkan Rivers

The Eco-Masterplan for Balkan Rivers is a comprehensive study which, for the first time, combines knowledge about biodiversity (fish, mussels, caddisflies), integrity of rivers and floodplains (hydromorphology), as well as the location of protected areas. A river network of over 80,000 kilometers in length was scientifically assessed according to these criteria. The result: about 61,000 kilometers of river (76 percent) are of high ecological quality and therefore designated as No-go zones for hydropower expansion. An energy study included in the Eco-Masterplan shows that the hydropower projects currently foreseen in the Balkans could be easily substituted by other sources of renewable energy, particularly solar and wind.

All this data is shown in graphs and maps. The Eco-Masterplan is a suitable tool to curb the devastating plans for hydropower expansion in the Balkans, to preserve biodiversity and beauty of these river landscapes, to avoid social conflicts and to increase planning security for investors.

Visual Story-Map about the Eco-Masterplan

Study: Eco-Masterplan for Balkan Rivers (original format)

Study: Eco-Masterplan for Balkan Rivers (A4 format) - for print version please send an email to

Press release: Eco-Masterplan shows value of Balkan Rivers


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