Vision for Vjosa: Europe’s 1st Wild River National Park!


Recently, we presented our vision for Europe´s first Wild River National Park, protecting the Vjosa and her tributaries along her entire course in Albania from source to sea, instead of destroying it with dams. However, the idea only works if free-flow and connectivity is preserved – a single dam would undermine this vision. Read OUR FACTSHEET to learn about possible borders, sizes and how this Wild River National Park could be implemented!

What makes the Vjosa so unique is the fact that nearly all of her tributaries are also free-flowing. Main river and tributaries together form the most intact river system that remains in Europe outside Russia. As such, the river is of outstanding value, making it worthy of this special protection designation.




At the official presentation of our vision for the future of the Vjosa – Europe’s first Wild River National Park – on June 6th (Vjosa Day) © Ogerta Ujkashi

The Vjosa in the area of the planned Kalivac dam reservoir. © Piotr Bednarek / Wolne Rzeki


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