Huchen Press Conference in Ljubljana

As a contribution to this year’s UN World Water Day (22.3.), we held a press conference in Ljubljana on March 19, 2015 in cooperation with representatives of the fields of science and fisheries in order to present a study about the distribution of the Huchen on the Balkan Peninsula. Within the context of the Blue Heart campaign, 18 scientists from 7 countries explored for the first time, in which rivers between Slovenia and Montenegro the Huchen can still be found. The results are amazing: self-sustaining populations were found in river stretches with a total length of 1,842 kilometers. This corresponds to 65 percent of all known Huchen stretches worldwide. At the same time, the study shows that the Huchen is threatened by hydropower development. A total of 93 projected dams were identified directly in river reaches supporting Huchen. If constructed, an estimated 70% of the Huchen population would be lost. Download the study and find our press release.
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