Activist gathering held in Kosovo

Activist gathering in Strpce in August 2023, National Park Sharr Mountains © Ulrich Eichelmann


Save the Blue Heart has has established a new partnership with an organization in Kosovo, Gaia Kosovo! In August, an activist gathering took place in Strpce, within the Sharr Mountains National Park. Residents, local government representatives, citizen associations, NGOs, the National Park "Sharr Mountain," lawyers, and biologists came together to share knowledge and combine their efforts in protecting the rivers within the National Park.

The National Park Sharr Mountains is rich in endemic species, rivers and lakes © Gaia Kosovo

The objective of the "Save the Blue Heart" campaign is to dismantle recently completed hydroelectric power stations on several streams in the Sharr Mountain National Park. These power plants lack the necessary permits and were constructed illegally.


Hydro power plant on a stream inside the National Park Sharr Mountains © Rinon Arifi
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