Where we work

Key Areas

In our campaign, we concentrate on three Key Areas that are particularly valuable and thus need to be spared from hydroelectric development at all costs.

The Key Areas were chosen on the basis of the ecological quality and biodiversity of the river stretches (and their adjacent flood plains), as well as on the dimension and ecological impact of the planned hydropower and engineering projects in these areas.

Three local campaign teams, who are familiar with the environmental and cultural particularities of each project area, were established. With the support from the international coordination team composed of Riverwatch and EuroNatur, the local teams work on the ground, addressing the specific needs of the area and fostering the development of grass‐root initiatives.

Our vision for the Key Areas is not only to prevent ecological destruction through hydroelectric and navigational development but to create alternative visions for sustainable development of these areas, such as the designation as national parks. Protection and good management could trigger the development of sustainable nature tourism and add value through the valorization of rural products. Such developments have been experienced before in various national parks on all continents.

Ambassador Rivers

Since the outstanding diversity and ecological value of the Balkan rivers is by no means restricted to the Key Areas, we have selected seven additional stunning streams, which represent the whole variety of river types on the Balkans. All of them are threatened by dam projects. These 10 selected rivers serve as “ambassadors” in order to promote the value and beauty of the Balkan rivers as a whole.